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Official Shirt of

The Happy Youngster


See the full story on this shirt below and be sure to visit for the full story on The Happy Youngster, Milwaukee's Premier Ball Hawk.


Available in Happy Blue, sorry folks, only the real deal gets to wear yellow!

  Why this shirt is here: The Catch  
  Arizona coverage:  

  Milwaukee coverage:  
  As seen on ESPN, MSNBC, local affiliates in Milwaukee and Arizona, and by 500,000 and counting on the web.  Happy has caught 47 regular season home run balls and counting.  
  Happy has been wearing his trademark yellow shirt since County Stadium days and with a feverish new interest, has commissioned Milwaukee Shirt Guys print and sell an official Happy Youngster shirt.  This shirt is perfect for fans of Happy and up and coming ball hawks.  Happy will be sure to say hello to you if he sees you wearing this fine shirt at any games this season.  
  Visit Happy at or read his MLB blog at  








Men's Shirt $13.99


Ladies Shirt $15.99